Sweet Heart Broken

Sweet Heart Broken


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When I started on Sweet Heart Broken, I was not sure how it was going to take shape. Set in a developing city, a normal story of every youngster with common problems, it all came to me just like that. But the strength of a writer is by the people around – who support and give a pat on the back every time you are inspired. I too, have such a bunch of people.

I would thank Naval – my very close friend as he shared a lot of information with me and the core plot is around the talks and discussions we had and as he gave a lot of low-down on life at M.S.U. My special ladies – Kalyani, Reema and Preety who apart from giving me a tour of the University have been great friends and constant support; always chiding me and scolding me if I am not writing.

My parents probably don’t even have an idea of the book and might never read it too considering that the genre the book serves is not up to their palette. But I will thank them for introducing me to the world of books and literature. Free times were spent discussing Shakespeare and singing songs from English classics. If not for them, I would probably never have realized my own personal taste in literature and language. They showed the same kind of enthusiasm and energy making me take the first step to presenting the book to the world and I think enthusiasm needs entropy which they have always given.
I have to say countless thanks to many people who don’t even know how they have inspired me with their ideologies, the way they talk and their behavior. Each time I met someone new, I have only taken the best from them enabling me to understand my characters better.
I would like to thank you, Vision Sir, for helping me christen the name of the book. I was so clueless and I didn’t know what would best suit the plot of the book. A huge thank you to you!

I with all my heart, thank VPublishers for guiding me through the entire process seamlessly and easily. Two thumbs-up for them! I want to thank the cities – Vadodara and Ahmedabad; my constant meanderings there inspired me to write about plots located in these two marvelous cities located in Gujarat. The culture, the energy and the very essence of life is most tangible in there and if you are part of it; you are very lucky!


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