The Benefits of Print Books

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The Benefits of Print Books

May 24, 2021 Blog Publishing 0

A print book is a joy to behold!

The smell of freshly printed pages, the smooth, silky feel of paper beneath your fingertips, the crinkle, and crackle of a story flowing by.

  • Print offers a unique reading experience.
  • Digital e-readers don’t engage the senses the way a physical book does. Reading a printed book is a tactile experience.
  • You feel it, you smell it, and you remember it.
  • This is one reason physical books are the more popular format for readers. Printed books touch readers on a more primal emotional level.
  • Digital books bought online generally cost less. While a new hardcover can cost $30, the same book may only cost $15 on a Kindle e-reader. And that’s the top price for an eBook.
  • Most back titles are available for under five dollars. If you have limited income, e-readers and e-books are a better bargain when it comes to price.
  • In addition, reading a print book offers an uninterrupted “low tech” reading experience. E-readers and online reading in digital formats run the risk of pop-up ads, dying batteries, and power failures.
  • Despite its distribution limitations, print still reaches a broad demographic, especially among older readers.
  • For example, 41% of Americans over age 65 are not Internet users. The number of e-reader owners is even lower among this demographic.

Data is of USA researched by Toner Buzz


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