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E Publishing

Publish your book online at multiple platform and cater your content to the community of millions active readers through V-Publishers.


Hard Copy Publishing

Publish Your Book with minimal quantity like 25 Books only and Re-Invest profit based on sales. We offer Unique on-demand print facility.


Self Publishing

Are you willing to publish your book by your own and register your own publication house as an author. We will give you 360 degree execution for it.


An Author Services

We Empower an Author for next Level shift with his published book / books or upcoming book with our following services.

Copy Editing (Basic)

Improve Language and give detailed analytical overview of the book. Our Copy Editing expert provides you with suggested edits report, content review report and grammar check for quality publishing of your Book.

Copy Editing ( Advance)

Improve language and give detailed analytical overview of the book. Our Copy Editing expert provides you with suggested edits content, content changes, Domain specific suggestions and grammar and meaning check.

Cover Page Design

Our Creative Team will design Book Cover based on book concept, Neuromarketing Strategy to boost book sales and with trendy color combination and detailing.

Type Setup

Based on best match book size, we offer Type Setup and content based image and font placement to make it User Friendly and attractive for the readers.

Translation Service

We have a team of qualified and experienced translators to convert your book into any Indian or international language with High quality Translation.

Book Marketing / PR / Launch

We also support our author to design Book Marketing, Self Branding and News & Media penetration with PR and Book Launch Events.

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What is Our ZERO Budget

E-Book Publishing ?

Its the best way to publish your first book with zero investment !! Yes you read it right !! V Publishers also believe in empowering literature and encourage the author / writer fraternity.

Steps of Publishing : Step 1: Writer / Author will submit Manu script Step 2: Team V Publishers will review and approve the script Step 3: E Publishing Contract will be signed Step 4: Our team will convert your script into E-Publishing Ready format Step 5: Our team will launch your book under our Publisher account Step 6: Our Team will provide you with International Links for buying your books and Paper copy order to market. Step 7: From your sales of first 50 books, V Publishers will cover the service charge so you do not have to invest a single penny for entire publishing. Step 8: You will get upto 45% of Royalty into profit from V Publishers on sales from book # 51. ( Book will be published on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Books, iBooks store form Apple etc. based on language and qualification criteria )

Book Writing is not Enough in today’s Digital World !!

In Today’s Digital world, Effective marketing and branding is the key to ensure that your book reaches to the right reader base. V Publishers provide following services for their authors to ensure that their books reaches to the right reader base.

~ Book App Creation ~ Book Website Creation ~ Manage Social Media Branding and Promotions ~ Google and SEO Promotions for Books and Author ~ Design Webinars for Authors / Reader connectivity ~ Design Brochures / Bookmark / Standee Etc. for Book Marketing ~ Conduct Interviews with News an Media (PR) ~ Publish Book review / Articles into different web portals  ~ Arrange book Launch event with Media Invite LEARN MORE


International Tie-Ups

100000 +

Books Sold

Millions of

Words Copy Edited

Author’s Words

What our author says about us. We work internationally and allow our authors to publish their books across the globe and also manage to provide them hard copy with on demand model with the help of Amazon Paper Back and Other tie-ups.



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