Turnkey Publishing Solutions

E – Publishing Service

ts the best way to publish your first book with zero investment !!

Yes you read it right !! V Publishers also believe in empowering litreture and encoruge the author / writer. We publish your E Book For free on 12+ countries and also provide you 45% of revenue on sales based profit of V-Publishers. 

We have multiple book store tie-ups to market your book effectivly and ensure success of your hardwork.

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Self Publishing Service

We also provide guidance and training for Self Publishing of the book which could be the best way to manage the total sources. If you are technichally sound and capable enough to manage CMS or CRM, we could help you to do Self Publishing of your Book.


Hard Copy Publishing

We believe in Go Green concept so Hard Copy is not what we focus as core however, however we provide on demand printing of Hard Copy books starts from 100 book qantity. 

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